A kitchen is one of the most used places in our house. It is the place where the meal for the entire family is cooked and hence it's important that it is fitted with all the accessories and furniture which makes it complete. When we are talking about kitchen then granite sinks are the most important part of it. Kitchen sinks are a multi-utility product and are used for washing the dishes, vegetables etc. A good granite under mount kitchen not only lasts long but are also very durable.

    When it comes to selecting a kitchen sink for yourself, there are myriads of choices in the market, from composite granite kitchen sink to the stainless steel ones, from single bowl to double bowl granite sinks, the options are wide but which one will match your expectation ansd requirement is difficult to find out. If you are confused and don’t know which one to settle for then you can go through the following list  before considering the one for your kitchen:

    • Material- You have the option of choosing between composite granite sink and stainless steel kitchen sink. Both have their own sets of benefits, choose the one which best matches your need.
    • Size- The next thing that you should look for is the size of the sink, for example, you have the option of choosing between single bowl or double bowl granite kitchen sink, you can also choose small sinks or the large ones.
    • Colour – How can we forget the colour of the granite kitchen sink, the best part about the composite kitchen sink is that you have the option of buying various colours like black granite kitchen sink, white granite kitchen sink and various other like blue, brown, beige etc. The best part about black composite sink is that it doesn’t get dirty easily and is easier to maintain
    • Brand – The brand which guarantees quality is a must while choosing the composite sinks.

    When  we talk about  brands which are synonymous with quality  is Blanco granite sink, here are some of the key features which this sink offers:-

    • The best part about the BR Vela under mount kitchen sink is that it can resist high temperate up to 446-degree Fahrenheit
    • It is highly resistant to scratches and other impacts
    • It is easy to clean and hence is easier to maintain.
    • Resistant to scratches and impacts
    • It can be easily connected to the dishwasher.
    • The BR Vela sink is available in different colour options like white, sand, yellow, metallic grey, graphite, black metallic
    • Dimensions- Length: 19,3 inches / 49 cm
    • Width: 19,3 inches / 49 cm
    • Depth: 6,7 inches / 17 cm

    Why choose us as your online composite kitchen sink supplier?

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