AS-Roll 40


    Are you planning to renovate your kitchen and want to make it a multi-utility space than it's important that you concentrate on each and every aspect of your kitchen and one of the most important of them is to buy a good quality composite granite sinks.

    Sinks are the most used part of the kitchen, from washing utensils to vegetables, the good composite granite kitchen sink can prove to be a multi-utilitarian product. Owing to some great transformations, the kitchen sinks have also evolved a lot, from being just an ordinary stainless steel bowl which was used to wash vegetables and utensils, they are now one of the most important kitchen accessories.

    What does a good granite composite kitchen sink consist of?

    When it comes to choosing a good granite kitchen sink, it’s advisable that you take into consideration various factors, starting with black granite kitchen to white granite kitchen, single bow to double bowl etc. the best part about the granite kitchen sinks is that they don’t lose lustre and also adds to the beauty of the kitchen.

    Here are a few factors that you should never miss while choosing a granite sink or stainless stell sink-

    • Size of the sink
    • Material of the sink
    • Cost of the sink
    • And most importantly the cost of the sink

    There are many popular brands in the market which provide myriads of granite sinks and one of them is Blanco kitchen sinks. The company is known to manufacture quality composite kitchen sinks, the AS-Roll 40 is a poplar single bowl granite kitchen sink which is known for its quality and durability.

    Some of the key features of the AS-Roll 40  granite sink includes the following:

    • It is one bowl granite sink which comes with a drainer.
    • The quality of the granite kitchen sink is by far the best as it can easily resist high temperatures such that you can use both, hot and cold water easily.
    • It comes in multiple colours like black granite kitchen sink, white granite kitchen sink, beige and many other colours.
    • This granite composite sink is made up of high-quality granite which doesn’t lose its lustre easily even after being used rigorously.
    • It’s a granite under mount sink
    • The dimensions of the sink are as follows:

    Length: 59,5 cm- 23,42"
    Width: 47,5 cm- 18,70"
    Depth: 16 cm - 6,30"


    All-in-all it’s a perfect composite kitchen sink for your kitchen which guarantees quality, durability and longevity.
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