AS-Rock 70


    Kitchen sinks are one of the most used parts of the kitchen and also a vital one. Today, you can find a number of kitchen sink options available in the market. They have evolved a lot, from the traditional stainless steel ones to the modern granite sinks. Nowadays, there is rising demand for granite kitchen sinks, owing to their shiny appearance, durability and elegant look, these composite granite sinks have become very popular.

    The best part about the granite sink is that they are usually scratch resistance and are very durable, moreover, their aesthetic appeal makes them a perfect fitment for your kitchen. Whether you want to use them or washing vegetables or utensils or wish to connect them with the dishwasher, the modern day composite kitchen sinks are laced with all the necessary fitment which makes a perfect home utility product.

    If you wish to buy granite sink there are various type available in the market, from a single bowl or double bowl, under mount kitchen sink and many other forms. Depending on your need and requirement you can buy a perfect kitchen sink for yourself. Before deciding which kitchen sink is the best for you, it's advisable that you should take the following points into consideration:

    • Size- The size of the sink is an important factor, depending on the space your kitchen has and how much the granite sink will be used, you have to select the granite under mount sink.
    • Type- You have the option of choosing the single bowl composite granite kitchen sink or double bowl one, you can also choose granite sink or stainless steel one.
    • Design- The design of the kitchen sink is very important, you have the option of choosing round shaped granite kitchen sink, oval shaped or rectangular granite sink.
    • Colour- Colour is also an important factor, with myriads of colour options available in the market, you can choose the one which compliments your kitchen.
    • And the price- Price is the deciding factor in most of the cases, if you are looking for cheaper options, you can connect with Home Shop Accessories.

    Buying AS-Rock 70 online-

    If you are looking for a composite granite sink which can last long and also guarantee durability, then you can invest in AS Rock 70 granite sink. This sink is known to be corrosion resistant and can easily resist high water temperature. Here are some of the key features of AS-Rock-70 granite kitchen sink-

    • It is 1,5-bowl sink with short drainer
    • It is available in different colour options like white, sand, oat, beige, black
    • This granite sink is resistant to high water temperature
    • The double bowl granite sink is made up of high-quality granite which doesn’t lose its lustre easily and is also scratch resistant
    • Dimensions- Length: 78 cm - 30,71"
                         Width: 48 cm - 18,90"
                         Depth: 18 cm - 7,09"

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